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This website is owned by Signinum. The Service Policies presented here regulate the relationship established between Signinum and the user of the website. These policies may be subject to change whenever Signinum deems it necessary.

In the event that Signinum decides to change these Service Policies, the new version will replace the present one and will be effective from the date of its publication on this website. The relationship between Signinum and all users will be governed by the newly published version.

We advise you to periodically visit this page to ensure that you are aware of the current Service Policies. Please note that Signinum also reserves the right to change the content of this website at any time.

If the user does not agree with these terms and conditions, they will not be able to continue using this website or make any service reservations integrated within it.

A conexão às páginas de pagamento do site www.signinum.pt recorre a uma série de medidas e métodos de segurança para manter as informações pessoais dos nossos utilizadores protegidas. No âmbito deste processo, os seus dados pessoais são encriptados, para que não possam ser lidos por terceiros.

O utilizador poderá optar por pagar qualquer dos serviços reservados com o cartão de crédito.

Signinum is not responsible for any fraudulent, unlawful, or abusive use of credit cards or any other payment method. However, Signinum does not tolerate fraudulent or unlawful attempts or use of these payment methods. If a user attempts to use a payment method without proper authorization, and such occurrence is detected by Signinum, the user will be banned and prohibited from using the services of www.signinum.pt.

Signinum also reserves the right to take legal action against the wrongdoer.

The payment for the services available on the website can be made using VISA or Mastercard credit cards that the user is a beneficiary of.

In compliance with new security rules disseminated by VISA International and Europay/Mastercard International since April 1, 2001, all authorization requests for transactions using cards from those systems can only be processed by RedUnicre if the provided information includes the security code (CVV2/CVC2) of the respective card. The security code is a three-digit number printed on the back of the card, following the card number, on the right-hand side of the signature panel of all VISA and Europay cards.

Reservations made with a Credit Card are subject to confirmation by RedUnicre. If the request is declined, you should contact your bank or card issuer for further clarification.

MBnet is a solution provided by SIBS, the entity responsible for the Multibanco network, to make payments on the website www.signinum.pt in a simple and secure manner. It is not necessary to have a credit card. You can simply join MBnet at a Multibanco ATM or through your home banking service.

When you decide to purchase a service, you can access the website www.signinum.pt and generate a virtual credit card number, specifying the maximum transaction amount. When you make the payment, the purchase amount, up to that limit, will be debited from your bank account. Since it is a virtual card, valid for a single transaction and for an amount up to the maximum limit you set, using MBnet provides you with greater security.

All prices mentioned include VAT at the current legal rate in force for Portugal.

The currency used as the base for indicating the prices of services is the Euro, and the final purchase is made in Euros.

Signinum is committed to ensuring the privacy and protection of personal data of all those who are associated with it, including users of the website www.signinum.pt. www.signinum.pt.

Signinum advises users to take responsible actions in order to protect their personal data. In this regard,

Signinum recommends the following

- Do not share your username and password.

–  Não anotar quer a senha, quer o nome de utilizador em locais de fácil acesso (agenda, computador, etc.);

- When accessing the payment page or personal data editing pages, ensure that your browser is in a secure session (indicated by a specific symbol and a lock icon in the browser's footer, and the web address starting with "https://"). You can also verify that the secure session certificate belongs to Signinum by checking the information displayed when clicking on the lock icon.

- Make sure to close the browser when you're away from the computer.

- Ensure that the device or computer network you are using to access www.signinum.pt is free from viruses and spyware. www.signinum.pt se encontra livre de vírus e spyware.

All intellectual property rights related to the information provided on this website, including but not limited to text content, titles, photographs, images, moving images, illustrations, names, logos, and trademarks, belong to Signinum or possible licensors. The fact that Signinum provides this information does not, under any circumstances, grant the user the right to reproduce or distribute this information. Such actions are not allowed without the prior consent of Signinum or the aforementioned possible licensors. However, the user is authorized to download and/or print the information for personal and non-commercial purposes. It is not permitted to display this website embedded in other websites that do not belong to Signinum.

O utilizador pode, no entanto, criar e distribuir links para as páginas do www.signinum.pt. A Signinum reserva-se o direito de aceitar ou não esses links.

The website and mobile version of www.signinum.pt may contain advertisements (including banners), promotions, and other content provided by third parties, including merchants. All advertisements, promotions, and other content (including referral buttons and hyperlinks) do not constitute a recommendation or endorsement on our part regarding the promoted goods, services, or the destination website of the link.

All information displayed in advertisements or on the destination websites of the links on www.signinum.pt or the mobile version is the sole responsibility of the advertisers. If the user requires clarification regarding any advertised product or service, they should contact the respective advertiser.

In particular, Signinum does not have control or responsibility for:

1 - The quality, safety, or legality of any goods or services advertised by third parties.

2- The truthfulness or accuracy of the description of goods or services advertised by third parties.

3 - The competence or authorization of the advertiser, merchant, or third parties to sell such a product or service.

Regarding merchants, Signinum also monitors user feedback regarding products and the merchants themselves, as long as this feedback is provided through the "Customer Support/Suggestions" system.

www.signinum.pt may contain links to external websites operated by third parties, including merchants and operators. The websites corresponding to these external links are not under the control of Signinum, and Signinum assumes no responsibility for the content of such websites or the provision of any goods or services that the user may acquire or contract through any of those websites, nor for the websites linked to them or mentioned on them. Signinum cannot guarantee that the content contained on any third-party website is accurate, legal, or harmless.

Some external websites may be displayed within the www.signinum.pt website through frames, whether or not including some of our website's content, or they may include reciprocal links to our website. These features are provided solely for the convenience of the user and do not constitute an endorsement of those websites or their content.

The user assumes sole responsibility for the use of external websites.

A Signinum pode, a qualquer momento e pelos critérios que considere apropriados, terminar o acesso do utilizador ao site www.signinum.pt.

Please consult our privacy policy here, which defines how we collect and use personal information that we may obtain through your use of www.signinum.pt.

A Signinum recorre apenas a entidades que apresentem garantias de execução de medidas técnicas e organizativas adequadas de forma a satisfazer os requisitos legais, designadamente no âmbito da segurança e confidencialidade. Pretende a Signinum, assim, assegurar a defesa dos direitos dos titulares dos dados pessoais, por forma a garantir a respetiva proteção contra a acessos não autorizados, usos impróprios, perda ou destruição.

These technical and organizational measures are regularly reviewed and improved, and the website www.signinum.pt is constantly monitored by specific tools to detect and eliminate potential cyber-attacks. www.signinum.pt é monitorizado constantemente por ferramentas específicas para detetar e eliminar potenciais ataques informáticos.

Signinum strives to ensure that the information contained on this website is accurate and complete. However, Signinum cannot explicitly or implicitly guarantee that the information on the website is complete and accurate or that this website will not experience delays or interruptions.

The user of the website agrees not to hold Signinum responsible for any direct or indirect loss resulting from the use of the information contained therein. Similarly, Signinum is not responsible for the services and/or products offered by third parties through this website.

Signinum, as well as the merchants present on www.signinum.pt, shall not be liable for delays or non-performance due to force majeure, disruption, total or partial strike, flood, fire, or war.

O acordo entre o utilizador e a Signinum, baseado nestes termos e condições, será regido e interpretado de acordo com a legislação portuguesa.

The user irrevocably and unconditionally agrees to submit to the non-exclusive jurisdiction of the judicial court of Lisbon, in relation to this agreement.